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Warm starters

38. Sheep cheese from the grill in aluminum foil, spicy seasoned

39. Stuffed grape leaves with homemade sauce

40. Grilled peppers with garlic

41. Fried peppers with tzatziki

42. Fried eggplant with tzatziki

43. Fried zucchini with tzatziki

44. Sheep cheese gratinated with a spicy flavor

45. Saganaki, sheep's cheese breaded with carrots and coleslaw

46. ​​Spanakopitakia, Tiropitakia dumplings filled with spinach and sheep cheese

49. Eggplant from the oven with feta cheese

50. Gigantes from the oven with feta cheese

51. House style garlic bread

52. Pitta flatbread with garlic

53. Appetizer platter for 1 person

54. Fresh mushrooms baked with herb butter and cheese

86. Vegetarian platter of stuffed grape leaves saganaki, zucchini, aubergine, tzatziki

Cold Appetizers

65. Hot peppers and olives

66. Tzatziki with Greek, yogurt

67. Dolmadakia, stuffed vine leaves with tzaziki

70. Zaziki, taramas, sheep's cheese salad

71. Taramas, fish rye cream

72. Mixed plate, various cold dishes, for 2 people

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