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Fish platters

Fish platters (for 1 person)

All dishes are served with taramas (fish egg salad) rice and salad

120. Platamona. 1 pikeperch fillet. Calamaris. Scampis

121. Aphrodite. Pangasius fillet, calamaris, scampis

122. Piraeus. Grilled salmon steak. Calamaris, scampis

123. Dorade Royal from the grill

124. Pikeperch fillet

125. Pangasius fillet

130. Scampis from the pan baked with herb sauce and cheese, chips potatoes

131. Grilled scampis

132. Scampis metaxa. from the pan with metaxa sauce and cheese gratin, potatoes chips

133. Grilled trout

138. Grilled salmon steak

139. Calamaris. Squids with flour

Fish platters (for 2 people)

143. Macedonia platter, 2 pangasius fillets, 2 pikeperch fillets, 2 scampis, calamaris

144. Limnos platter, 2 grilled salmon steaks, 2 pangasius fillets, calamaris, 2 scampis

Fish platters can also be served for several people.

All dishes can also be ordered with tzatziki for a surcharge of 2 EUR, or with farmer's salad for a surcharge of 2 EUR.

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